Why are FAQs important?

FAQs are a valuable addition to any website as they save you and your customers time!

FAQs offer you added value on your website by freeing up important time for you to take care of other aspects of your business. FAQs also benefit the customer by helping them understand how your company operates and what kind of user experience they can expect.

Top five reasons for using FAQs to answer commonly asked questions

1. FAQs are the ideal place to explain fees and terms of business

Whether you are providing services or selling physical goods, the right FAQs, based on questions you most commonly face from customers, can provide an excellent opportunity to outline what you charge, what payment methods you accept and your T&Cs.

By having FAQs, you can direct your customers to the FAQs section of your website without having to run through the same information with every new customer. They also increase traffic to your website and boost your Google rankings.

2. The ideal place to easily explain delivery expectations and your complaints procedure

Companies often use FAQs to let customers know expected delivery timeframes and tracking options. If you are a large company with a claims department you can also use them to inform customers of your complaints procedure and how quickly they can expect a complaint to be resolved. Once again, this saves you valuable time which you can spend growing your business.

3. A user-friendly place for customers to find out what to expect when hiring your services or buying your product

Every company has its own systems and procedures that it has uniquely developed and need explaining to customers, whether they be the steps you run through when delivering a project, from the design and planning stage to implementation and final acceptance by the customer. What better way to explain them than via some well-written, relevant, user-driven FAQs?

4. A place where you can answer questions that customers often ask once rather than repeatedly

How many times have you received a call from a new or existing customer asking the same old question about delivery, pricing or procedures? Instead of spending your valuable time answering these questions, why not create a list of these questions and answers, so you don’t have to keep explaining the same old thing over and over again?

Think of your FAQs as a user manual for your business, you wouldn’t manufacture an appliance and not provide a user manual, nor would you sell a medicinal product and not provide a package leaflet, so why would you not explain to your customers how your business works?

5. They enable visitors to your website to find the information they need quickly and easily

And lastly, who does your business exist to please? Your CUSTOMER! So make their life easier by providing them with a dedicated space on your website where they can find the answers that they need to decide whether they want to give you their business or not. In a busy world with so much information out there, a fluid user experience can make all the difference between choosing you and choosing your competition!

If you’re still asking yourself if you need FAQs on your website, then the answer to this FAQ is clearly YES!

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