Lost in translation

Lost in translation? The unrivalled value of human expertise in specialist fields

Imagine losing a legal battle due to a mistranslated contract, your groundbreaking medical research miscommunicated, or potential clients turned away by culturally insensitive marketing. When accuracy and impact matter, relying solely on machine translation or AI for critical content can lead to disaster.

At ARC Writing and Translation Services, we believe that our clients deserve accurate, culturally attuned translations in fields where precision is vital. That’s why we offer specialist human translation, or a combination of machine translation followed by thorough post-editing by a human translator to ensure your message is clearly and appropriately communicated across languages and cultures.

Why human translation still excels in specialist industries

Finance and legal: protecting your bottom line

AI often struggles with the intricate language and evolving terminology found in contracts, regulations, and financial reports. Misinterpretations can lead to missed opportunities, compliance issues, or even costly legal disputes.

One of the worst and possibly most potentially damaging examples of a machine translation error I have encountered was in a document I translated from Italian into English on the subject of tax legislation in Italy. The title of a section of the source document was “Pene per il corruttore”, which had been wrongly machine translated as “Penis for the corruptor”! The correct translation was “Penalties for the briber”. Imagine the damage that could have been done to the company’s reputation if this translation had been released without having been checked by a human.

Human value: our team possess in-depth knowledge of financial and legal systems across various jurisdictions. They ensure accurate translation of complex documents like investment agreements, legal briefs and tax filings, giving your company an error-free advantage.

Medicine and healthcare: accuracy for optimal care

Errors in medical translation can jeopardise patient safety and undermine research. Slight misinterpretations of test results, patient instructions or clinical trial protocols have far-reaching consequences.

Human value: our medical translators combine linguistic expertise with fluency in medical terminology and concepts. They ensure critical healthcare information like patient records, research papers and pharmaceutical labelling are conveyed precisely, supporting accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Marketing and branding: your voice in a global market

AI often renders literal translations, losing the emotional impact and cultural resonance of effective marketing. Your message can become awkward, off-putting or lose its persuasive power entirely.

Human value: our translators are marketing linguists. They understand how to adapt slogans, taglines, and advertising copy for different cultures while maintaining your brand’s unique identity. With their expertise, your message will not only translate but truly resonate, attracting and retaining customers globally.

Technical and manufacturing: clarity across complex processes

Technical documents, manuals and patents often contain highly-specialist terminology and concepts. AI can miss crucial nuances, potentially leading to confusion, production errors or safety hazards.

Human value: our technical translators have solid backgrounds in translating engineering, manufacturing tests or other scientific fields. They can skilfully navigate industry-specific jargon and ensure that complex instructions, safety protocols and product specifications are translated accurately, minimising ambiguity and potential risks.

The human touch: beyond just words

In every field, human translators offer something AI cannot:

  • Nuance and context: human translators can interpret complex language, idiomatic expressions and cultural nuances, guaranteeing the true intent of your message is preserved.
  • Cultural sensibility: they can adapt your content to resonate with different audiences, avoiding unintentional offence or misunderstandings.
  • Collaborative partnership: they go beyond being a service provider; they become your partners, clarifying instructions, incorporating feedback and ensuring complete satisfaction.

We understand the ambition driving your small business, which is why we are committed to providing translations that bolster your reputation and support your global growth. We use the latest technology in translation software to ensure your documents are accurately and faithfully translated into the desired target language.

Don’t gamble with critical content. Contact us today and discover the difference human expertise makes or book a free no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your company’s translation unique requirements.

Antoinette Chappell is a qualified member of the ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) and offers translation, transcreation, copywriting and ghostwriting services through her London-based company, ARC Writing and Translation Services*. She is well-connected in the business world and shares her expertise through a monthly newsletter called ‘Word up!’ on translation, copywriting and ghostwriting, which you can subscribe to on LinkedIn. In 2023, she released her own non-fiction business book ‘Copy that!’ which charts her professional journey from being a translator to becoming a copywriter and ghostwriter.

*ARC Writing and Translation Services is a trading name of AMG Translations Limited.

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